Sunday, July 21, 2013

Band Website Updates

Hello Everyone,

I have been very busy this weekend updating the band website.  What's new? 
  1. Easy way to submit email addresses for band email system on main page. Google Powered Form.
  2. Band Information and Music MP3 added to main page.
  3. Band Blog is fully set up. It will email you when I update it if  you register to follow it.  The blog will be used as a place for Directors to convey information about what's going on from day to day.
  4. Facebook Link added for easy access to find the Band Boosters on Facebook on website! Click away!
  5. Our Band schedule year is posted up live on Google Calendar. It is a live schedule and can be adjusted at anytime.  Example:  Valley City Street Fair is a week before the first football game. I just updated it as it was brought to my attention.  
  6. In the news section I have posted a picture gallery of the Music Room being painted.
  7. We updated the Historic Band Pictures to the present.
  8. We added the trophy gallery in the history section.
In short we will be able to communicate in many different ways but its now tied together. Our main communication tool will be email as most people get it on their phone.  However the bands Blog Section, Website and Facebook reinforce getting information out at lightning speeds! This will hopefully keep us at pace with today's fast moving society. 

While I was working today looking for some pictures I came across this Gem!
Here is a picture of the Buckeye Band wearing White Pants on October 11, 2008.
This picture was taken I believe at Bloom Carol H.S. in Sourthern Ohio.  The look confused everyone including people that know us. The black shoes contrasted the white pants.  We have a limited set of white pants that were handed down to us from Wadsworth High School Band.  We decided we might use them in the future for very special occasions.  Our uniform was designed to wear both looks with white pants or black pants.

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Buckeye Band Program Calendar

The Buckeye Band Program will be moving into a Google Calendar format for 2013-2014 School Year. The Calendar will make it easy to see upcoming events. It will also be a live continuous living calendar where events will be added year by year. It will be printable at any time.